Hello all -
I have a good enough understanding of telcom to know my connectors, punch downs, line signaling (to some extent), and I've poked around in the system a fairly good deal but...

[disclaimer: feel free to PM me manual info, etc. I'm not going to ask anyone to post that here]

Goal: Configure VM boxes without physical stations for a salon. They have 12 stylists, but don't want stations at each "station" so...

AT: I set up the VM using one of the main phones (ports 1 & 2) for extensions x50 - x62 (use whatever you'd like for x within reason). When attempting a transfer to those extensions, it rings busy and then disconnects.

Question: Do I have to set up physical ports on the system and possible connect phones to them to make this work (makes no sense), or do I just need to adjust the dialplan/etc. It's set up for 3 digit extensions, dials out fine, and the two phones that also have mailboxes work fine.

Thoughts/Ideas? I'm new to this switch, and sort of inherited it.

System specs: MBD-U10, s3: ESI(8)-U10 ETU (stations), s5: COI(8)-U10 ETU (CO interface), s7: VMS(4)-U1(0) ETU (VM).

This is my first post here, and I can't remember the system revision level off hand (I don't think this is going to be rev specific). I'm assuming there's no reasonable way to get a copy of the interface software either... but I'll throw it out there anyway.

Thanks for the help in advance, and feel free to PM me any other questions/information.
I'm not very familiar with the Elite either, but there must be a "transfer to the voicemail" of ext. xxx rather than a simple transfer to the station. In many systems, when they fail to see a device connected to the port, they act as if that extension is non-exsistant when you try to transfer directly to it. In this case, you would need to use the keys sequence to transfer directly to voicemail.
You will need to create CAR keys in memory block 1-2-04 then assign them extension numbers in 4-10. Call FWD ALL these CAR keys to the Elitemail pilot from the extension connected to ESI port 1 by pressing speaker, dial 47, the CAR number, then the Elitemail pilot. Create subscriber mailboxes in the Elitemail.

That should do it, the stylists will have to just "call" into their mailboxes by dialing the Elitemail pilot, then 9 plus their mailbox number to set their box up & to check messages.

If they have a 32 button set ( DTU-32D or DTH-32D ) you could program DSS keys on that phone for the virtual mailboxes & get message waiting indication.
Thanks! Sounds good, I'll give it a shot tonight or tomorrow and let you know how it goes.
Excellent, worked great - thanks all. Now I need to start watching threads and see if I can help anywhere smile
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