Posted By: etkfixr elite 192 analog phone use - 11/19/08 03:07 PM
Hello all. I work at a WW2 battleship memorial. We are swapping in a Mitel unit to work our original Automatic Electric dial phones. Is there any way to tie one of the Mitel COs into our NEC Elite 192? I'm pretty sure it is pure digital and won't natively support an analog SLT. The cards in it right now are: CPU B500, MIFM, 3 ESI8s, COI4, another ESI8, the external paging card, an empty and last is the voicemail hard drive. I thought I saw an analog card for it. Thanks very much. Terry
Posted By: paulw Re: elite 192 analog phone use - 11/19/08 04:18 PM
Looks digital only. Analog cards will say SLi4 or SLi8 or a variant of that..
Posted By: IPKII Re: elite 192 analog phone use - 11/20/08 06:41 PM
You will need an OPX-2 card for the NEC Elite switch. This will allow you to route calls to the Mitel switch, but, it will only be one-way.
Posted By: vad60 Re: elite 192 analog phone use - 11/21/08 05:29 AM
If two system next to each other wouldn't be any problems to tie Analog ports from each system to Trunks positions on opposit switch. If systems far a part you need to follow IPKII adwise and have each system use OPX circuits.
Posted By: johnp Re: elite 192 analog phone use - 11/21/08 05:40 AM
IMHO, I would think e&m tie trunks would be better way to connect the two.
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