Posted By: domino Cheat sheet - 11/27/08 09:36 AM
Does anyone have a cheat cheet for installing an offsite IP phone on the SV8100 system..TIA
Posted By: domino Re: Cheat sheet - 11/28/08 08:24 AM
Ok...I got the IP phones working in the office...but when moving offsite...cannot connect..Thought I read somewhere that you need a VPN connection for the IP phones to work via the IPLA board...Is this correct? What if you install a PVAA card like on the IPK II would you still need a VPn connection?
Posted By: ttech Re: Cheat sheet - 11/28/08 03:17 PM
On the Aspire and UX5000 a VPN connection is needed, So my only guess is that a VPN connection would also be needed on an SV8000 as well.
Posted By: domino Re: Cheat sheet - 11/29/08 11:03 AM bad...the PVAA card for the 8100 is for conferencing...guess they don't have a seperate card for IP setup other than the IPLA 32 that is installed...and you do need a VPN connection to do IP offsite connections. NOT good for my customer.
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