Posted By: Chris_Carlyle UCB Redundancy - 12/04/08 02:41 PM
Hey, I am in the process of setting up UCB in a lab environment sitting behind an SV8300. I am trying to setup the redundancy piece of this and am having some difficulties. I have been over the Zeacom docs and the setup is pretty simple and the docs are pretty light. How should I expect this to operate? I have a fully licensed primary server and a second server that is identical. DB synch works however if the primary is shut down gracefully or disastrously, the secondary does not seem to take over at all or not completely. Anyone a master of this and might be able to lend some insight?
Posted By: doghart Re: UCB Redundancy - 12/04/08 04:43 PM
I am going to be replacing a qmaster 3.1 with a UCB 5.0 with redundancy in December sometime. The system is on an IPS 2000, but I think that is irrelevant.

We can compare setups once I get my systems setup in my lab as well.

Did you have to migrate a database from an older setup? or is this a new install you are dealing with?

Posted By: Chris_Carlyle Re: UCB Redundancy - 12/05/08 05:43 AM
No this is a new install. It is for our house system. We are putting in 10 8300s with Remote Link. We have an MPLS WAN with a colocation situation at our providers facility. This is where our corp Internet presense is. We currently have our firewall and VPN concentrator there but will be putting our Main 8300 and both UCB servers there. This seemed to be the best design with the UCB server networking limitation and cost of having to potentially fully license an 8300 at each branch. I am concerned a bit with the UDP traffic from clients to UCB as well and the BW to be consumed. It should be fun...NOT

I would be more than happy to compare setups! NTAC seems to read from the same book I have when I call them.
Posted By: doghart Re: UCB Redundancy - 12/05/08 10:03 PM
Most of my calls to NTAC get passed along to the Zeacom guys anyway.... frown
Posted By: doghart Re: UCB Redundancy - 12/09/08 10:15 AM
I got the servers and software today, but it looks as though the actual install is being pushed to January. I'm not sure how urgently you need info from me, bu this may get pushed a week or two.

Looks as though we are installing 4.1 not 5.0 as well.

Posted By: Chris_Carlyle Re: UCB Redundancy - 12/11/08 07:19 AM
Quick update; I got this resolved. It was a Windows share permission problem. Both boxes were added to our Domain during OS install but subsequently were removed for lab testing. The redundancy mon was set to use the domain admin credentials; apparently it would not use cached credentials to authenticate. We physically reconnected botht server so the production network where the DC was reachable and it worked like a charm.
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