Posted By: eriway Elite 192 - PRI "CONGESTION" - 12/05/08 08:03 AM
Customer with Elite 192 and PRI has been in service and working great for about 5 years. Recently when placing outbound calls, the display shows "Congestion", and returns a busy sound. No programming has changed.

I tested with the service provider where they would trap calls, and monitor both inbound and outbound traffic. When I place an outbound call, I get the "congestion" indication, but the telco does not see the outbound attempt.

I believe, when I dial 9 to go out the PRI, it is the PRT card that generates the dial tone. If I get the dial tone, I can make the call and the telco sees it going out. If I dial 9 and get the "congestion", they don't see it. Since the "congestion" indication is generated by the NEC system (not the telco) I'm trying to determine do I have a card that may be going bad?

I can reset the PRT card, and outbound calls are ok for a short while, then the "congestion" starts all over again. I have verified with the telco that they have not made changes to the PRI configuration at their end: (NI-2, B8ZS, 24 channel, etc). My clocking unit on the CPU is set as 1:1 to clock off the network. None of these settings has ever been changed.

I'm at a loss.
Posted By: IPKII Re: Elite 192 - PRI "CONGESTION" - 12/05/08 01:28 PM
I have had this occur in the past & NTAC had informed me that there is in fact network congestion occuring at the telco.

It is possible to capture d-bug traces from the DB9 port on the PRT card, however you will need NTAC's assistance in setting it up.

Wait one...that may not be possible on the 192 only on the IPK I.
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