Posted By: Ray01 Horn - 07/03/14 09:25 PM
I have a DSX 40. Customer wants to have a Valcom 1030 Horn installed ONLY for it to ring. If I change the settings in 2101 and 2105 for audio port, will that work? He does not care to Page.
Posted By: KENB Re: Horn - 07/03/14 10:58 PM
Have you explored 1531 in system options?

2101 and 2105 no
Posted By: brokeda Re: Horn - 07/04/14 04:13 AM
Just hook to page port and have it ring on lines.
Posted By: Ray01 Re: Horn - 07/04/14 03:44 PM
1531 worked. I'll test with ring on lines also , thanks
Posted By: KENB Re: Horn - 07/04/14 04:02 PM
good thanks for the heads up.
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