Posted By: nectec DS1000 Automated Attendant Night Answer - 08/18/22 09:07 PM
Its been a while and I know this is an old system but I have a system that needs the automated attendant to only answer at night. In trunk access 1003 I have day overflow set to ext 300 (operator) and night overflow set to 700
(voice mail) but I can only get the auto attendant to answer if the day overflow is set to ext 700. If both day and night trunk options are set to 700 and the system is in night mode the attendant answers and gives dialing options. If I put the system in night mode the system will not answer unless the day mode is also set to ext 300. Its like the system does not recognize night mode although it shows night mode on a super display set.
Posted By: dans Re: DS1000 Automated Attendant Night Answer - 08/19/22 12:09 PM
Set day mode to key ring, overflow to any extension or 700 for voicemail or no overflow.
If you want voicemail to answer immediately afterhours set night mode to 700

To confirm night mode is programmed correct press the check key followed by the existing night mode key

Button programming will be program 1701, I believe night mode code is 18 followed by pressing the clear button on the phone
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