Hey all,

The title says it all, it’s a residential install, the house has 14 phones, I just want 1 group mailbox where it turns on all MW lights.

I can leave a message in group 3101 and retrieve it from any phone by pressing the VM Key but the phones don’t give off a MW light and the display while on hook shows VM:00

What am I missing?


Try adding key 77+mb number.
Thanks for the reply, I'll give that a try when I go out later this week.

I also have a ticket in to NEC so I should hear something tomorrow
a residential house with 14 phones? wow never seen that before. is it literally a IN HOUSE call center?
Naw, just a general mailbox like an answering machine. I have the same setup in my house on an 8100. I use the AA to stop all the spam calls and allows me to have a single line for fax and voice.
Residential house with 14 phones you ask? I serviced a SV8100 in a home with 32, and I know there are techs out there who seen larger systems in homes.
Whole different world out there for some.
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