Hi all,

Our CEO has a new Lenovo x61 laptop. We are running Windows XP in our organization, and there inlies the problem. The laptop was designed for Vista, and XP drivers are difficult to find. I ran a repair install on XP this morning via booting from XP cd, which did not fix.

The laptop has an IBM fingerprint scanner on it. It just now occured to me that this could be part of the issue.

My questions are: A. Has anyone had similar issues? and B. Would this be related to the fingerprint scanner?

I have not dealt with the fingerprint scanners much.
The English is poor, but the steps taken in How to Install Windows XP in Thinkpad X61 are reviewed favorably.

Other than the title of your post, nothing else was said about winlogon.exe. Did this problem appear after the downgrade? Please post all Application Errors shown in the Event Viewer. Is there anything that references lsass.exe?
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