Posted By: metelcom FireFox 3.0.4 - 12/07/08 06:52 AM
I've been using FireFox 3.0.4 for about a week and it seems to be working great. Most of my extensions worked and a few new ones that I haven't tried yet. There is a Reload all Tabs that works great, one click and it refreshes all pages.
Posted By: MooreTel Re: FireFox 3.0.4 - 12/07/08 06:58 AM
Me problems.
Posted By: jeffmoss26 Re: FireFox 3.0.4 - 12/07/08 06:46 PM
I have also been using it, with no issues. I still prefer Firefox 2.0 though.
Posted By: Z-man Re: FireFox 3.0.4 - 12/07/08 09:28 PM
I tried out Google Chrome.. I like it, but it still lacks a few features. I will give the new Firefox a try.
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