Hard to believe it's been 33 years. frown

Edmund Fitzgerald sinks on Lake Superior
My sister has an old family snap shot taken in the early 70's at Sandusky, OH with the Edmund Fitzgerald in the background. She found it in an old box in the attic about five years ago and it freaked her out pretty good.
That would be a great photo to scan, enlarge and frame...all the Edmund Fitzgerald pics I have ever seen were old vanilla stock. Hopefully you can get a copy...I'd love to see it.
The Arthur Anderson is due in port here this week, she is the last ship to see or hear from the "Fitz". I have been to the Great Lakes Ship Wreck Museum at Whitefish Bay MI and its pretty neat. Of course they have a lot of stuff there on the Fitz. There is one of the life boats on exhibit at Sault St Marie also. It looks like its made of paper, pretty crunched up.
I love the Brian Burns version of that song. He names every crew member by name at the end with a church bell ringing after each one.
What is even more difficult to believe is that something like that could happen in this day and age. That is a great montague Dave. Thanks for sharing.
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