Posted By: Rhonda GB Packer Donald Driver's Father Beaten - 11/19/08 04:08 PM
What in the heck is going on in this world?

Family Says Donald Driver's Father Beaten By Houston Police
Police Department To Conduct Internal Investigation

HOUSTON -- The father of Packers star Donald Driver is in a Houston hospital following an arrest and alleged beating early Monday morning.

Houston police said Marvin Driver Jr. was arrested during a traffic stop and put in the back seat of a squad car and taken to the city's Southeast Jail.

Upon arrival at the jail, officers said Driver Jr. was unresponsive. Once examined by doctors, paradmedics were called and he was taken to an area hospital. According to Driver Jr.'s family, before officers detained hime the police and Driver's family got into an argument which lead to another argument with Driver Jr. about the language in which the officers were using with his family.

Driver Jr.'s family alleged that Driver Jr. never made it to the jail but was picked up by the paramedics several blocks from his parents home laying in the street bloody and unconscious, and the police were no where to be found.
The family said Driver Jr. is in intensive care where he can't even speak. It said doctors said there is some bleeding on his brain from blunt force trauma. He is communicating by writing notes (pictured above right).
Houston police said its Internal Affairs Division will investigate the misconduct allegations.
"We take allegations such as these very seriously and will begin a thorough investigation into the matter. The two officers remain on duty pending further investigation," according to Houston police.
Packers coach Mike McCarthy declined to comment on the situation Wednesday afternoon, saying it would be inappropriate. He said that Driver has been excused from practice but that the wide receiver is expected to play Monday night.
Posted By: EV607797 Re: GB Packer Donald Driver's Father Beaten - 11/19/08 05:10 PM
Rhonda, all that I can say is that we live in a very dangerous world. Aside from our friends here, I'm not so sure who I can trust anymore.
That is an interesting story. Rhonda, please provide a link to that story. I've got an inquiring mind and I can't find it in any searches to do any further research. laugh
Posted By: Rhonda Re: GB Packer Donald Driver's Father Beaten - 11/19/08 05:48 PM

Sorry Bobby but I'm pretty lame when it comes to the fancy stuff.

I would go to Google and type in: Donald Drivers Father Beaten. A ton of stories come up.

I also heard on the news that the cops fed him a pill after they beat him and told him he would find Jesus.
Because of the sometimes shot first attitude of some officers here. I've told my kids ;if you are ever stopped; roll down your window and put your hands on the steering wheel were they can be seen, if at night put on the dome light also.
Thanks Rhonda. See, you can do the fancy stuff when you want to. smile

But let's just remember there are always two sides to every story before we hang the cops out to dry.
But what do you think the other side is going to be? Did he beat himself up?
I don't know what the other side is.
Well I just think it's interesting that you rush to comment that the cops should not be hung out to dry. What, no rush to comment on the shameful treatment of a citizen? We don't have to know the other side of the story to know that, A) if he was placed in a police cruiser in a healthy physical state and B) turned up to the police department, savagely beaten and unresponsive, that C) he wasn't treated the proper way by law enforcement officials, sworn to protect and serve. Safe to assume that here we have another example of police officers, who consider themselves to be above the law and a flawed law enforcement system that will let these officers off with a slap on the wrist, at most.
Posted By: EV607797 Re: GB Packer Donald Driver's Father Beaten - 11/20/08 04:26 PM
There's sure plenty to investigate in this case. I hope that it doesn't simply get brushed under the rug. If the guy was drunk, high, belligerent or any of the above, that's still no reason to have been beaten senseless.

We had a similar case in Maryland a couple of months ago. A guy was video taped by a police cruiser's camera killing a police officer by running him down. Oh boy was that an open and shut case. Mysteriously, the "suspect" ended up dying of asphyxiation while being detained in a private jail cell.

Despite this guy's obvious guilt and the subsequent outrage over his having killed a public servant and husband/father, the suspect was still entitled to due process in the legal system. Since Maryland has a moratorium against the death penalty, chances are that this guy would have done a hard twenty and been back out on the streets. Still, that's the system the voters of Maryland chose to have in place. Hey, don't get me wrong, I'd have loved to see this guy take a dirt nap for what he did. I saw the video and there's little denying that he committed the crime. I just don't agree with vigilantes taking the law into their own hands.

Again, let's hope that there is a lot more to Mr. Driver's story and that the legal system processes the case properly. Regardless of the circumstances, we are all entitled to due process.
Posted By: MacGyver Re: GB Packer Donald Driver's Father Beaten - 11/20/08 04:29 PM
Kevin while I see where you're coming from, I learned my lesson years ago about not keeping that little phrase in the back of my head about there being two sides to every story. What could the other side be? The truth is we have no idea right now. The news story was a bit confusing to me, but while one part of the story said he arrived in booking in a nonresponsive state, the family stated that he never made it there and was picked up by paramedics blocks away from the jail.

What could have happened? We don't know. Speaking from personal experience, he could have tried an escape from a moving squad car. If there wasn't a full cage, he could have gotten the cuffs in front of him and tried to strangle an officer. On the other hand, to support your thoughts, they could have pulled over, removed him from the car and proceeded to beat him on the side of the road. We can only hope the I.A. investigation reveals the total truth. Most all cruisers now have wireless mics and dashboard cams.

I think the best example I ever heard was that if the jury deliberated after the prosecution presented its case and before the defense got to tell their side, there would be a 100% conviction rate. The Booth mods have a rough job. The only forum we ever had to compete with it was the HOS. Don't be too hard on Bobby. He's moderating a tough room wink
Actually, if you dig a little deeper, the family apparently misunderstood where the paramedics picked him up. They (the paramedics) reported that they got him from the police station.
In any event, I guarantee if he had tried to escape, managed to assault an officer, etc., we would have heard that report to justify the beating he apparently received. And being all too familiar with this type of situation from the all too common episodes that occur out here in Southern California, he would never have survived if he had resisted.
By in this case all he was wanted for was some traffice violations. Supposedly they made some statement about him being "another Driver". It will be interesting to see how this works out.
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