Posted By: metelcom Winter in Maine - 12/01/08 05:36 AM
It looks like winter is here to stay in Maine. 4 inches of snow and possibly more this week.

(web cam a few miles from my house)
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Posted By: KLD Re: Winter in Maine - 12/01/08 05:40 AM
....and the 1/2 " I woke up to yesterday is really nothing....Enjoy, Merritt.
Posted By: MooreTel Re: Winter in Maine - 12/01/08 05:48 AM
All I got was freezing rain. Maybe it's YOUR turn to have it up to yer.... this year.
Posted By: MacGyver Re: Winter in Maine - 12/01/08 05:49 AM
Keep the pics coming Merritt. I had to cancel my Colorado trip over Thanksgiving at the last minute, so it's the only chance I'll have to see snow until I try again over Christmas. :thumb:
Posted By: justbill Re: Winter in Maine - 12/01/08 07:04 AM
Too bad Trace. They had quite a bit of snow in the mountains over the weekend.

Merritt, you just keep that stuff.
Posted By: MNCommunications Re: Winter in Maine - 12/01/08 08:05 AM
Bill did you get much snow a couple of weeks ago like we did up here? Between 4 and 5 feet in the lead-deadwood area.

We were in fla and beat the snow by about 12 hours but there was enough I still had to shovel the driveway to get the car in the garage when we got home.
Posted By: RobCalltrol Re: Winter in Maine - 12/01/08 08:23 AM
Merritt -

That picture keeps changing... must be a live feed, so whatever the exact image was you were showing us is not what we see now. Still looks miserable though!
Posted By: Rhonda Re: Winter in Maine - 12/01/08 09:19 AM

You can have my morning. 6.1" of snow overnight with wind gusts to 35mph yet this moring. I have to park outside and had my doors totally frozen shut and everything else on it frozen down in solid ice under the snow. It's so nice to buy a car and then have to kick the crap out of it to get in it. Of course, I had a few choice words for it while proceeding to win the battle and getting the car opened and started.

It's only fun for a while - then it get's under your skin! Luckily, the frostbite hadn't set in yet before I was able to get to the heater/blower swich.

Yahoo... only 5 more months of this :bang:

Okay, so maybe I'm having a case of the "Mondays."
Posted By: phoneguywayne Re: Winter in Maine - 12/01/08 12:03 PM
We have no snow and it is supposed to get to +8 C today. We are supposed to be going dog sledding on December 21 as long as there is snow.
Posted By: KLD Re: Winter in Maine - 12/01/08 12:19 PM
Rhonda, just remember that is what they invented Florida ice or snow.!!! :thumb:
Posted By: telemarv Re: Winter in Maine - 12/01/08 12:54 PM
We have a foot of snow on the ground. Today it's switching between rain/freezing rain/snow.
Posted By: KLD Re: Winter in Maine - 12/03/08 06:19 PM
Will you guys in Canada and Maine keep that stuff up there? At noon today someone opened the sky with flakes the size of silver dollars and swirling winds....Temperature was 40 at 5 a.m. and dropped about 2 degrees an hour. After it snowed the sun came out and it was 32 by 5 p.m. then the sun went down along with the temp. It is 19 now.
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