Posted By: btil cfwd offsite closer.....but no cigar, Yet? - 11/22/08 12:43 PM
It appears we have this forwarding out from the mailbox close. Our string to initiate call is !,#3,T which is giving us our hookflash to Time Warner dialtone. We hear the reordered dial tone and see the digits dial (on our grabber) from the "to" field of the mailbox. The trouble is that the VM is adding a dtmf * (star) at the end of the string. Time Warner does not like this and tells us this is not a working number. (i.e. we type 5551234 in the "to" field and when the mailbox is selected the vm dials 5551234*. To test this I manually dialed the number with the * and get the same results. Cannot see where this extra character is coming from.

Thanks for any ideas,

Based on the digits mentioned, I'm guessing that this is either a Comdial DX80 or DX120. However, you don't actually SAY that. Also, what type of lines are these from TWTC? Are they analog business lines, or is it a T1 or PRI? That makes a difference in the Call Transfer string you are using.

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