Phone System: Comdial Executech 2000
Our KeyVoice system died on us. We purchased another one from ebay. It fired up just fine. Since I do not have the software, nor the correct keyboard, I am configuring it via phone. I was able to run the initial configuration using the default password. Afterwards, I tried to modify the system paramaters. I did not see any way to change the password, nor do I remember changing it. But alas, it no longer works. Is there something that happens to automatically change the password, or is there a way to reset it?

Thanks in advance for your help!
There is nothing that I have experienced that would "automatically" change the password. That certainly wouldn't be a good thing on any system.

Are you talking about the Supervisor's password or the Database password? To change either one, you certainly would remember that you did it---although I have had customers go into the Supervisor's menu and delete the main routing box and insist that they didn't do anything.

What kind of Keyvoice system did you buy?? I'm assuming that you have documentation.

Have you tried calling the company that you bought the Keyvoice from?

If you have re-initialized it, everything should be back to default. You should be able to get into the Supervisors menu and then put in the default database password to run system parameters--however--that's a long way to go. It's much easier to do major programming using a laptop and using the Keylink software that you got with the VM.

Let us know what happens.
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