Posted By: bscott11573 Comdial DX 80 caller id not showing up - 12/05/08 01:35 PM
We have 6 DX 80 phones here at our office and all of them show the caller id for incoming calls except one. It doesnt show the caller id at all. I have read the manual, searched all over the internet, and called vertical (which was comdial) nothing can help me. Caller id is suppose to show up automatically but it is not on one of the phones...can somebody PLEASE help me?
Does the phone ring on an incoming call? CID only shows on ringing phones.
yes it does. it rings just like the rest and were all on the same phone line and same phone.
Posted By: nonameyet Re: Comdial DX 80 caller id not showing up - 12/05/08 02:04 PM
try swapping phones? see if the problem follows the phone.
We did was the phone. Any more suggestions? Thank you for your help though...
He just gave you your answer. IF you moved the set to a jack where caller ID was working and it doesn't after moving the set AND The set that was working moved to the original bad location but now works then you have a defective set.
Thank you and yes i know that. I wanted to know how to fix it. Is there a setting for this or is this something i will ahve to get repaired? is caller id automatic or is there a setting to turn it on and hide it?
Defective set=bad. Replace it. If it had been a setting or software tweak that would have been specified. Caller ID is automatic on ringing phones.
ok thank you!
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