Posted By: Rod T Dx-80 Feature Code - 02/01/10 03:10 PM
Is there a feature code that will show the software revision on a display phone?
Posted By: Jim Baldwin Re: Dx-80 Feature Code - 02/01/10 04:08 PM
on the DX80 No
Posted By: Rod T Re: Dx-80 Feature Code - 02/01/10 04:49 PM
Thanks for the information, I had looked in the manual and found no reference but was thinking that it might be an un-documented feature.
Posted By: Deltron Re: Dx-80 Feature Code - 02/02/10 06:32 AM
System programming:
KSU Revision

There is no feature code.
Posted By: 5years&counting Re: Dx-80 Feature Code - 02/03/10 08:52 PM
Bill is correct, but it actually depends on the version. I believe they introduced that option in F28 or A33. Prior to that, you'd have to look at the sticker on the chips or connect via PCDBA.

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