Posted By: maine phone man comdial dx 120 - 02/26/13 12:37 AM
got a service call to a com dial customer old vender out of business its a com-dial dx120 all phones are buzzing ringing at times phones have buttons programmed but its saying not programmed phones are being answered by auto attendant after 3 rings system phone displays are saying out of service weird things going on , question 1 do you need special software to enter programming , anyone know where to get a replacement 9 phone with voice mail. you can see lines ring in go solid red then auto attendant answers some displays have a F displayed
system seems to be corrupted might of took a power hit doing blizzard

Posted By: RATHER BE FISHING Re: comdial dx 120 - 02/26/13 12:49 AM
Well your customer is in a bad way so what I am going to suggest can't make it much worse. Download a manual..readily available and do a cold start on the system. Run the normal start up after that and unless you have defective hardware you'll be back to factory defaults on the system..voice mail will remain intact. It sounds like corrupt database.

To do PC admin yes you need the correct software. All programming can be done through the telephone without it though.
Posted By: maine phone man Re: comdial dx 120 - 02/26/13 12:42 PM
thanks will try to figure out the cold start then reprogram from a det phone , tried vertical website couldn't find pc dba software
Posted By: frodo_35 Re: comdial dx 120 - 03/01/13 09:41 PM
You most likely have a voltage problem. Check the voltages on the 408 main pcb. They are labeled and you can see the test points between the ccb and 4aa boards near the top use the round ground point to check these dc voltages. If you see the +5vdc more then .2 volts off or it is not rock steady you need to have it repaired. There are a number of parts that have to be replaced. If this condition goes unrerpaired to long it can burn up the diodes and make the 408 unrepairable. This is the MOST common hardware failure on the dx120 and I have seen techs waste many a man hour on trouble shooting and programming when this simple test takes 2 minutes with a meter.
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