Posted By: Rocket J Tech Comdial DXP Call flows - 04/12/21 02:59 PM
Greetings... I have inherited a customer with a Comdial DXP and Small Office Lite VM. I have been in the business for nearly 30 years, but have never been very deep into the Comdial universe. I am asking for help on the following....

Outside calls ring at 2 extensions in the reception area (x101 and x102). There is a Night button at x101 that, when active, sends all calls to Routing Box 800. That is fine. However, when Night Service is NOT active, any concurrent calls (when x101 is in use) the calls also go to Routing Box 800. They should be able to answer these calls at the other extension OR at the same extension (after placing the active call on hold). Instead, the calls go to box 800 almost immediately. How do I change this? The customer claims that it used to be this way, but they don't know when, or how, it changed. They would also like calls to ring at x106 after a few rings, when Night Service is not active, as an overflow.

Also, a second question.... One line currently rings to a separate department. They would like, instead, for it to now ring with their other lines, at x101 and x102. What is the easiest way to accomplish this?

I look forward to your responses, and I appreciate your help.

Rocket J
Posted By: RATHER BE FISHING Re: Comdial DXP Call flows - 04/13/21 06:59 PM
Getting additional call paths for multiple calls at x101 is accomplished by adding group intercom numbers to the set, programming them under a button, and adding them to the sets intercom hunt list. The line that is ringing at a different location has the CO line ringing programmed at that set. Add that CO line ringing to the other sets and you should be good to go.
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