Posted By: nectec DX80 Voice Mail failure after power loss - 09/07/22 12:20 AM
Hi, I have a Comdial DX80 with internal HDD voice mail. It worked fine until power loss on the system. After power loss VM will no longer answer by voice mail button or dialing 433. I also discovered that the 2032 coin cell on VM board was completely dead. Do I need Keylink software to restore or has my disk drive failed? Anyone know if Keylink is available any where. Thanks
Press the reset button on the board and see if the HDD makes a clacking noise. Usually indicates trashed drive. Also count the beeps on start up.
Posted By: nectec Re: DX80 Voice Mail failure after power loss - 09/07/22 02:38 AM
I tried the reset button but still no difference. I can hear the hard drive spinning but I only get one beep after reset button is depressed. One other thing that is different is that the hdd led remains on constant green after the reset, it only flashes when rebooting the system then goes off.
Posted By: nectec Re: DX80 Voice Mail failure after power loss - 09/30/22 06:18 PM
Thanks, Rather Be Fishing. You were correct, I had a defective hard drive on the DX80 voice mail. I have replaced it with a CF version that seems to work well except for one minor issue. When I try to change the time or the date on the compact flash mail the voice mail reboots and returns to its previous value with the year being 2088. I have replaced the voice mail 2032 cell with no change. Any ideas?
Youve replaced the button battery on the voice mail which is good. Set the time and date on the DX80 and reset the phone system. The voice mail should synch up with KSU time and date.
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