Posted By: Ricco Samsung Officeserve for sale - 10/22/19 03:36 PM
I have replaced my samsung phone system at the school district. I have 400ish ITP-5121d phones and a combination of 10 officeserve 7400 and 7200 switches. the switches are around 10 years old and have never been updated with newer processors or firmware. I would make anybody a good deal on this equipment, all or part.
Posted By: Carl Navarro Re: Samsung Officeserve for sale - 10/22/19 03:45 PM
It begs the question: With what?

Not sure if it's like buying deck chairs on the TItanic, but to someone who makes a market in Samsung, it's probably a good idea.

Posted By: Ricco Re: Samsung Officeserve for sale - 10/24/19 05:31 AM
I replaced the samsung millstone with a vodia ip system, so much easier to work on and a fraction of the cost of everything else out there.
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