Posted By: bubble Officeserv 7100 VM/AA - 11/13/08 11:28 PM
Hi i have a customer with 7100 and built in VM/AA, they have a DDI witch is aimed straight at the VM Group (51X) it plays the message which tells customers that calls may be recorded. After the message it then rings to a group(50X) where it displays what company the customers are ringing. They now want a second DDI to hear the same meassage and then ring a new group, we need it to show the name of the DDI too. This is where i'm a little bit stuck, i created a new menu in the menu block but i don't know how to aim the new DDI at that menu??? I'm not very good at putting words and sentence's together so apologies if you do not understand.
Posted By: KX-T308 Re: Officeserv 7100 VM/AA - 11/14/08 12:37 AM
Make an entry in the forward station (last 4 digits of DDI) and send it to the new menu
Posted By: bubble Re: Officeserv 7100 VM/AA - 11/14/08 07:15 AM
Thanks mate will give it a go
Posted By: Samsung Tech NZ Re: Officeserv 7100 VM/AA - 11/14/08 06:45 PM
With it being a DDi call you may also have to put the entry into the forward trunk menu as well.
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