Posted By: Cindylu32 OS 7100 Remote Access Problem - 11/14/08 07:37 AM
Modem times out when I try to access OS7100 remotely with IT tool. Customer has power outages and system loses programming - can use LAN while there without a problem. Would like to upload programming to system from PC. Any help?
Posted By: Noisycow Re: OS 7100 Remote Access Problem - 11/14/08 10:23 AM
? - modem remote maintenance not possible without some sort of adaptation to IP.

Loses Programming? Is battery on switch on MP10 set to 'on?'

If you can get in via IP on site you should be able to set port forwarding on their router.
Posted By: Cindylu32 Re: OS 7100 Remote Access Problem - 11/14/08 01:37 PM
Battery on MP10 is on. Programming comes up screwy every time they lose power. I have talked to Samsung support about it and they suggest battery backup - however the backup is expensive. They purchased the Samsung to get inexpensive IP and the battery backup costs more than the system.
As for port forwarding on their router - do I need to be on site to access? in order to get routers IP address?
Posted By: Noisycow Re: OS 7100 Remote Access Problem - 11/14/08 02:11 PM
Go to a pc on their network and go to the Command prompt, enter C:>ipconfig

If it comes up like - pick a higher number for the phone system like .25 - copy gateway, subnet into 7100 programming. The 7100 sits on an internal address.

Then go back to the PC and make sure you can ping .25.

Now, either you or their data person can set port forwarding from the wan address to the 7100's internal address you have assigned. You can ID the wan address by surfing to

Port forward:

Used for Ports

IT Programming tool 5003, 5090 TCP/UDP
Voicemail programming 443 TCP
Voicemail activity 23 TCP /telnet
Posted By: Noisycow Re: OS 7100 Remote Access Problem - 11/14/08 02:18 PM
As for the battery backup, get a Carrier Axxess 48V battery and splice it to the battery connect cable on the 7100. Skip a 'UPS.' The 7100 trickle charges the 48V battery - the CA 48V battery is MUCH larger than any found in any portable/minimal UPS such as an APC 1000.

A 7100 will run for about four to five hours without AC if fully charged, not kidding. It does take about three days to fully recharge. The built in 7100 trickle charger is very wimpy, but relentless. Won't even drop calls when you unplug the AC power. All for less $$ than any but the smallest UPS.
Posted By: Vernon Telecom Re: OS 7100 Remote Access Problem - 11/16/08 04:37 PM
We never put a UPS on the systems. We only put batteries on them - 4x 12v 7AH batteries are WAY CHEAP. We've found they can run a system 18 hours depending on call loads (and POE - this was with no POE IP sets). Batteries are what, 12$ each? if that. Anyway, less than 100$, and a cheap UPS runs about the same but gives you maybe an hour of run time. Good surge supressor and batteries beats a UPS...
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