Sorry guys i am agian asking this question that how to activate detection of polarity reversal signal on Office serv series (TO GET ACTUAL CALL LOGGING DATA).

Local PSTN is supporting this feature

Any idea

I've never seen anything in the literature about this subject, I don't think it exists.
Which OS7000 as depending on the system/hardware you may need to get PRS hybrids for the TRK cards.

The programming is done in MMC414

There are several modes of PRS you will need to go through and figure out which mode your carrier is using.

Bunnie - PRS modes are Reversal on Idle, Reversal on Answer and another type which I can't remember.

We used them all the time on the DCS/iDCS systems when customers have AA and PSTN lines since those old AA cards never detected busy signal so customers would get calls with no-one there due to people hanging up in the AA
Thanks, maybe this is still used overseas, never heard of it being used over here and I was on board with Samsung since they OEM'd the 616 for Macrotel before they made the 816 on their own.
Our incumbent telco decided to withdraw this feature a couple of years ago so it's not used here anymore.

How did you get around the phantom calls, when callers hangup on the AA with PSTN lines?
For the officeserv systems, you can try changing the disconnect setting in the Port block, Samsung In-Skin. I've had some success with carriers that refuse to update their equipment to provide disconnect signal by setting it to disconnect on Reorder Tone.
Dear friends

My Client having MPD (Metering pulse Detection) on their PSTN lines(Loop start)i installed Office Serv 7070 and MMC 414 mention the MPD but the duration is coming 00:00:00 on all calls either mature call or not mature call ,do i need any hard ware to work with this ,question No 2 if i get PRS (polarity reversal line ) do i need any other hardware

You would have to check the manual to see if MPD/PRS hybrids are required to be fitted to the trk cards (along with the programming you have done) for the feature to work.

We don't have the OS7070 here, but it should be in the manual.
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