Posted By: Kaiser Support Needed for CMS Installation & Set Up - 06/23/19 06:26 PM

I have CMS installed for a 7400 and it seems to be collecting data but it is not configured. I have a "Platinum Support" package that I bought from Samsung (I am a dealer), but it is NOT EXISTENT!!!

At this point, I'll pay another dealer to help me get this thing configured, up and running.

Please email me at [email protected]

I can pay by credit card or check.


Keith Boe
If you have platinum support you can contact tollring tech support (company that wrote the software) directly, bypassing local samsung tech support.

At the end of the install it tells you which settings in which mmc's you need to adjust.

You then need to configure extension names, trunk ports, vmaa ports, virtual extensions, ucd groups, etc

Thanks Nameless, gosh, couldn't ANYBODY at Samsung tell me that???

I just spoke to them and someone should be calling me back
Originally Posted by Kaiser
...gosh, couldn't ANYBODY at Samsung tell me that???

That would be Customer Service, not Tech Support. 🤣
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