Posted By: pmeyer60 ESI Cordless II Handset - 08/01/13 08:04 PM
Has anyone had experience with this issue. You are on a call on the Cordless II handset and another call rings in. Your call in progress is interrupted by the incoming ring bursts to the point you can't talk until you either answer the 2nd call or wait for the ringing to stop. I have tried turning off call waiting, this did not work. ESI say's this is by design. they call it "Subdued Ringing".
Posted By: bdunne Re: ESI Cordless II Handset - 08/01/13 09:35 PM
Cute. I'm sure they meant "enhanced ringing".crazy What is your system version? Does the ringer volume make a difference? Is it all types of calls (outside and intercom)?
Posted By: Rcaman Re: ESI Cordless II Handset - 08/02/13 12:17 PM
ESI's fix is to remove the CO lines and use call pickup to answer calls. This happened after the release of xx.48.00 software.

Posted By: mdaniel Re: ESI Cordless II Handset - 03/03/14 08:58 PM
We had the same issue, but put all the phones in a dept on incoming and that fixed the problem.

Hope this helps,
Posted By: pmeyer60 Re: ESI Cordless II Handset - 04/01/14 03:23 PM
Thanks for the response, that is what I had to do also.
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