Posted By: Gary S. ESI 50 & Laptop. - 08/05/22 05:46 PM
Been using my laptop the few weeks on different phone systems.
Now i can not connect to esi 50.
Set up function 1-8
Made all passwords the same xxx.
Connection to site failed, password validation failed.
Tried a different com port same message.
thanks gary s.
Posted By: oobie Re: ESI 50 & Laptop. - 08/15/22 12:41 PM
Check Baud rate?
Posted By: walterv Re: ESI 50 & Laptop. - 08/17/22 08:23 PM
What version of windows are you using?
Posted By: Gary S. Re: ESI 50 & Laptop. - 08/18/22 01:21 AM
windows xp
Baud rate is ok, message says invalid password.
Same laptop i have used for years for vertical vodavi and esi
Posted By: nonameyet Re: ESI 50 & Laptop. - 08/21/22 03:37 PM
Gary, is this a new system? or a used system you bought ? try Defaulting the system ( as long as it's not a customers ! ) then the default baud rate will be 115200
Posted By: Gary S. Re: ESI 50 & Laptop. - 08/24/22 05:40 PM
The system is used, for my test bench to test phones and cards. I had defaulted the system, still cannot connect.
wondering if the software is too old for system programmer to connect ???
thanks Gary S
Posted By: nonameyet Re: ESI 50 & Laptop. - 08/28/22 07:22 PM
well, if it were a used system it could be possible that the serial port is bad.

You could try to set up the NSP port .
you can check the sw by using the default installers password and then 9818 look in the display and you will see the current level
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