Posted By: itmctech Attendant phone question - 01/23/13 02:35 PM
Quick question. I have added a 7th line to my system (Enterprise 1.5x-3.0x) and have told line 7 in "Ringing Stations" to go straight to extension 3027 as opposed to 3001 which is the attendant. My problem is that when no one answers it goes to the main auto attendant for the business and not the users voicemail like I want it to. What am I missing?
Posted By: JBean3329 Re: Attendant phone question - 01/24/13 12:38 AM
Does mailbox 3027 exist?

Is the No answer call forward setting for extension 3027 set for a time longer than Delayed Ring time?

Make sure Line 7 isn't DIL or Delay Ring set to the voice mail system.
Posted By: itmctech Re: Attendant phone question - 01/24/13 01:27 PM
That was it. The Delayed Hunt Group in Trunk Call Processing was set to the VM system. Thanks for the tip
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