Posted By: Chateau Newest IDS manual - 12/04/08 03:40 PM
Since the manual I have is issue E, 1997, I was wondering if anybody has the 1999 version that included the Eclipse software and Sentinal ACD?
Thanks in advance
Posted By: Test-ok Re: Newest IDS manual - 02/05/09 03:44 PM
Apparently not.
Posted By: Executone108-Newbie Re: Newest IDS manual - 05/01/09 01:57 PM
I should be so lucky. I inherited support duties for our Executone 108 system and it took me two months just to locate *any* manual.

Mine is Issue C from July 1997 - so you're already two versions ahead of me frown
Posted By: jjmaly Re: Newest IDS manual - 05/03/09 08:04 AM
issue E is more then good enough to support 108
what are you looking for specifically?
Posted By: Executone108-Newbie Re: Newest IDS manual - 05/06/09 09:36 AM
Nothing specific (yet). I've been charged with supporting the system for the near future and I just figured the most recent manual(s) would be best. I've got to figure out how to turn on and set up the ACD features, CID (but I think we need hardware for this) and beef up the VM system. We are currently on Eclipse 2.00 and I've no idea how to update that to get the benefits of a newer version.
Posted By: LarryB Re: Newest IDS manual - 05/07/09 06:13 AM
Check your list of options on the menu screen. If a type of ACD isn't there then you will need a download or a different CPU card. CID needs a PRI, T1 or a CID in line adapter. The voicemail is regulated by the green dongle unless it's a card.
Posted By: Executone108-Newbie Re: Newest IDS manual - 05/07/09 07:21 AM
As this is starting to get off-topic from the original post, I'll start a new post. Thanks!
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