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This is some informative reading for those interested in grounding/bonding practices.
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I can't find a thing wrong with it. This is a good reference for anyone with questions about grounding.

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Okay, this has been an ongoing discussion....On a Aerial/Burial twisted pair cat whatever, 6 pair to 25 pair, do you or do you not ground the sheith. I have always been told to ground the blue aluminum sheith. Any old telco guys out there that could tell us the proper way to ground a Burial.

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Wow, what a deep search.

Ernie, if a metallic cable sheath is present, you always bond it to the local building grounding electrode. In order to do this properly, you have to use a proper sheath bond clamp, not just peeling back the aluminum and clamping onto it with a wire like many people do.

In a case involving a pedestal splice, the sheath (and the metallic pedestal housing) should be bonded to a ground rod.

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We would put protectors on both ends of the cable (Used to be Gas at the CO/PBX and Carbon at the station end, but with electronic sets that's probably changed to all Gas).

We used a 2 piece clip - I can't for the life of me remember the part number. It was about the size as the first two joints of your little finger and was pointed with teeth. The bottom piece slipped under the sheath between the aluminum and the cable and the top piece went on the outside of the poly. The two pieces clamped together with a nut and a ground wire was run to a (grounded) protector.

I'll quote from the GTE Practices 605-100-100 Issue 3 July 1979. Cable Bonding & Grounding Joint & Nonjoint Construction

301 "The shields of all cables entering a CO building shall be bonded together and grounded to the CO ground busbar.."

7.01 "The shield of all cables entering (customer) buildings should be grounded at or within the building entrance ..."

I tried to scan the GTEP but it's in an oversized book and not easily done.

The drawings show the cables entering the CO and having all the sheaths bonded and grounded. Then they hit the protectors which are also bonded and grounded. When they leave the protectors they are bonded and grounded again and then they proceed to the MDF. Minimum ground wire size is #6. Separate lugs for each connection to the MGB.

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So, while I was putzing around, Ed was there with the right part. :thumb:

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We called em Bullet bond
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I thought we pinned this. Evidently not.
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Ed, I just tried that link, but it didn't work.

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Justin, it goes to 3M but the product page is not there.

There are several variations of the "clamp" but call your local Graybar and they will have it or similar. I used to say North Supply but no more.

Good Luck.
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Okay, a quick "Google" came up with this info,,,,,,

Notice the different manufacturers and usage...
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