It's been awhile since I've ordered supplies for OSP. I'm looking for some 25 pr. shielded ickypick filled underground cable. I've always used famous telephone supply for OSP supplies before but now their website is down.

Are they still around? Any suggestions for an alternative vendor?
It's now CSC. Seems they were spun off from Famous Plumbing Supply. :rolleyes: I don't know if they still handle OSP cable on the cut like they used to. I have been dealing with Clifford of Vermont.

Yeah, Famous was sold several years ago to Calvert Wire and Cable, and then Calvert was sold to CSC, which is now part of Wesco...
I knew that CSC had bought them up last year some time(?) Anyway,it was stil CSC/ Famous Telephone Supply then. And the damn telephone number I had still worked. Not any more.

How is their pricing and service as CSC? They were among the best. That's why I liked them so much.
How is their pricing?

You could do better. They also have a minimum.

My local CSC's branch in Clarksburg, MD (301-353-1150) provides outstanding service and super-fast delivery. Not the cheapest place in town, but they have the resources of many locations. If it's not stocked locally, they can get it fast.

I agree that Clifford of Vermont is probably your best bet for small quantity purchases. Again, not the cheapest, but they will sell you ten feet if that's all you need.

Capitol Cable, in Germantown, MD has amazed me as well with regard to the extent of in-stock inventory. Pricing is better than others but since I don't deal with them as much, I don't get large discount levels.
I think CSC bought them in 2006, maybe it was 2007. The number for the Akron branch should be the same...(800-321-9122)
They do have a minimum order now which I am not too happy about...
Thanks all.
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