Posted By: ajkula66 A reminder about safety... - 09/14/11 07:37 PM
While I understand that most folks around here don't presently deal with OSP and are therefore somewhat less exposed to risks of extreme injury or death than the telco outside force, let me just state - probably for the zillionth time - that one must ensure their own safety first...

Whatever you do, make sure that you've taken every precaution needed to safely return to your family later on, once the job is done.

And, if you can find it in you, please say a prayer for this unfortunate lineman who left four daughters aged from 2 to 12 behind him this morning...
Posted By: Retro-Phones Re: A reminder about safety... - 03/01/15 11:47 PM
He came in contact with the high voltage side of a transformer because he didn't have the needed training and protective gear.

Verizon was fined more than $140,000 — the maximum allowed by law — for safety violations after the 2011 electrocution death of a technician in Brooklyn, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration announced on Monday.
Posted By: Mercenary Roadie Re: A reminder about safety... - 03/04/15 02:42 AM
This is also a 4 year old thread that you're responding too
Posted By: Rcaman Re: A reminder about safety... - 03/04/15 01:54 PM
The reminder to do work safely has no "shelf life." Being reminded is essential to keeping safe.

I can't imagine how he got caught up in a high voltage line in a tree while threading fiber unless the high voltage line was too low or the bucket was being positioned too high for the work. In any event, this tragedy serves to remind us that there is NEVER a routine job when working around high voltage.

Posted By: MooreTel Re: A reminder about safety... - 03/04/15 04:39 PM
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