Posted By: Barrontel AM radio Station over CO lines - 11/23/08 02:31 PM
I have a trouble on a new system install where all 4 CO lines start ringing in with phantom ringing at intermitten times during the day, I tested the lines at the customer interface yesterday on the outside of the building and on ALL their lines I picked up a local AM radio station, the station is 5 miles away following the RR tracks.

My question is does anyone know if the Lec (AT&T) has the responsibility to surpress this or is it up to me to try to use filters from Mike Sandman etc.

Any info would be greatly appreciated.
Posted By: KLD Re: AM radio Station over CO lines - 11/23/08 03:03 PM
Depending on your state tariffs, who knows? They should but don't bet on it or/if they will ever come out and do it.

Did you open the lines at the SNI so that you are positive it is on the feeder and not being picked up inside the building/system?

While you are doing all this testing, did you read the line voltage? POTS or carrier? Any new lines added?

And the station being 5 miles away seems it would not cause phantom ringing. Any welders, other EMF producers in the range of the system?

Is your system and excess wiring properly grounded? Electric circuit properly installed, grounded, isolated, and protected?

Just some ideas.

Posted By: mdaniel Re: AM radio Station over CO lines - 11/23/08 03:11 PM
I have had Radio and CB interference on many sites over the years, but have never had one that would make the CO lines ring in on the system.

As far as getting the provider to do anything about it, I have never had any luck making that happen.

But have used Sandman's filters with 100% success rate. Just make sure to follow his troubleshooting chart STEP by STEP and don't take anything for granted.
Posted By: Jim Baldwin Re: AM radio Station over CO lines - 11/23/08 03:31 PM
Belive it or not I had a similar problen some time ago; turned out to be a double punch on 1 line (small piece of wire in back) radio and phantom ring, just something to put in the old brain bucket for future trouble shooting.
Posted By: Barrontel Re: AM radio Station over CO lines - 11/23/08 04:54 PM
Thanks for the quick reply guys,

The AM station is definitely coming from the CO's and I have an old Samsung DCS compact connected on a temporary basis and is working fine until hopefully I get the samsung 7100 thing worked out.

if you go over to the Samsung board and look at OS 7100 phantom ringing "you can't miss it the folders burning"

Thanks again.
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