Posted By: sentrex1 blocking a # on pri - 12/07/08 06:00 PM
i have a client that the director keeps getting harrasing phone calls i have setup the call record option Call Pilot but that still doesn't get the calls to stop,is there a way that the telco can block the incoming number thru the pri this person only calls from her home or is there something i can do in programing of the system btw its a nortel mics with cp thanks
Posted By: jimmyv Re: blocking a # on pri - 12/08/08 03:28 AM
I’ve been unable to get numbers blocked on PRI’s, plus she’ll start using other numbers. Call the provider’s security / harassing calls division. They will notify the caller that if she continues that her service will be cut off. Also call the local police, it is illegal. These seem to work quite well.
Posted By: anthonyh Re: blocking a # on pri - 12/08/08 01:26 PM
Normally a police report has to be filed, once it is filed call the security/harassment dept of your telco They will handle it at that point.
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