Posted By: CONSULTING/AUDIT GAL Verizon USOC - 02/02/10 08:54 AM
I have a customer who had analog combo trunks w/DID capabilities. The DID’s are now off the account and the trunks can be still used for outbound, but they continue to bill for NDT’s loosely defined as direct inward dialing service termination. Since there are no DID's any longer would continuing to bill this be charging for service no longer provided? Thoughts?
Posted By: Arthur P. Bloom Re: Verizon USOC - 02/02/10 05:45 PM
When the service was changed, at the subscriber's request, a new service order was generated. On the service order (and one assumes) in the current billing records, there should be the new USOC for the trunks. Find out what that USOC is, and then after making the usual 15 attempts to find the oldest person in the commercial department, ask her if the cost per trunk is commensurate with the current USOC's.

Just treat the whole exercise as a billing audit type of job. Be patient, and have a few Valium handy. It is a battle of wills. You need to wear them down before they wear you down. Good luck!
Posted By: EV607797 Re: Verizon USOC - 02/02/10 06:31 PM
Yeah, but in Idaho, Verizon is what was only GTE territory. Need I say more?

Oh and as Arthur would say: These results may be made of "unobtainium".
Posted By: MnDave Re: Verizon USOC - 02/02/10 09:02 PM
Unobtanium can be found on the lush moon of Pandora in the Alpha Centauri star system. I know that because the bad guys in the movie Avatar were mining for it.
Posted By: CONSULTING/AUDIT GAL Re: Verizon USOC - 02/02/10 09:20 PM
Hi Arthur…..First time here so I guess I should have added a few more details….since I work east to west coast, I was asking this more on a technical level. Believe me I am well armed with high blood pressure pills having to deal w/carriers and the whole 9 yards . This customer is in PA………..all DID’s were ported to another carrier leaving the combo trunks void of “any” DID’s; thus leaving the carrier billing for combo GST TKS with no DID’s, yet charging for the NDT. However……….w/ Verizon continuing to bill the NDT’s associated w/the DID’s, when there was no DID’s on the trunks, I wonder the legitimacy of the billing. I guess my question is more functionality oriented in that if charged for the NDT would they in a technical capacity effectually be billing for services not being provided since no DID service existed on the TKS after the PORT? Hope this is clearer and thanks for the speedy input.
Posted By: CONSULTING/AUDIT GAL Re: Verizon USOC - 02/02/10 09:36 PM
Hi replied "Yeah, but in Idaho, Verizon is what was only GTE territory. Need I say more?"

I am new on here so if you could clarify what you mean it would be helpful. BTW, I see you are in DC. I also have clients there. Thanks for any help you can lend breaking me into the group.
Posted By: EV607797 Re: Verizon USOC - 02/03/10 07:16 AM
GTE was an independent telco, although certainly the largest one. They didn't have the same national standards that the Bell companies had, one being uniform record keeping. When Bell Atlantic bought GTE and formed Verizon, the records translations were a daunting task to say the least. We've had some instances with former GTE customers where it was easier to rip out their service and start over from scratch than to try to correct billing issues.
Posted By: SP1KERZ Re: Verizon USOC - 05/06/10 04:34 PM
im new here, anyhelp? im a collector, and i just got a ex-verizon GET/AE 120 and im needing/wanting a manual, or some kind of information as to the dip switch settings? and if anyone can help, what locks i should be looking for? and maybe where? please, OMG! Thanx k
Posted By: Lightning horse Re: Verizon USOC - 05/06/10 04:46 PM
SPIKERZ, Welcome and try starting a NEW thread in the OTHER SYSTEMS forum. Highjackiing is frowned on because it diverts/dilutes the original subject line. John C.
Posted By: CnGRacin Re: Verizon USOC - 05/07/10 01:15 PM
Thanks John! ... And PM sent to SP1KERZ.
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