Posted By: phoneguywayne IP Cameras - 11/06/08 05:48 PM
Spent the day crimping ends on under ground C5. What brand of RJ-45 crystal ends do you use on this type of cable. The conducters seem to be a little larger and had problems installing the ends. It was cold as well so that didn't help. Thanks for yoiur help.
Posted By: bfdatacom Re: IP Cameras - 11/06/08 09:25 PM
Whenever I buy RJ45 modular plugs from my supplier, he always asks me "is it for flat or round wire?". I rarely use the "silver satin" (flat) anymore so I always get the plugs for round wire (specifically CAT5E UTP). Is it possible that your cable was a little larger gauge - like 23 gauge?
Posted By: hbiss Re: IP Cameras - 11/06/08 10:07 PM
Besided flat or round most importantly there are different plugs for solid and stranded wire. Use solid wire with a plug designed for stranded wire (and vice versa) guaranteed you will have intermittents down the road.

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