Posted By: Kit Lui DSC 5010/832 - 11/23/08 02:46 PM
I need help understanding zone definitions:

What is the difference between 06(Delay Stay/Away) and Delay 1 or 2?

As well, 04 (Interior) and 05 (Interior Stay/Away).

Thank you.
Posted By: TexasTechnician Re: DSC 5010/832 - 11/23/08 07:27 PM
Hello again Kit. (Kit & I have exchanged a few pm's recently)
In order to possibly expedite matters it may be best if you tell us what you want each zone to do in your particular system.

An example of the information we need is like:

Zone 1 is? The front door where you will need an entry/exit delay?
Zone 2 is? The back door where a delay is also needed?
Zone 3 is? A motion detector in the living room?

If we have that information we will be able to provide you with better information. Then it will all make more sense to you while you read the manual. wink
Posted By: Kit Lui Re: DSC 5010/832 - 11/24/08 08:38 AM
I have set the zones as follows:

Front door - Delay 1 (060)
Side Door - Delay 1 (060)
Back Door - Instant
Front Garage door - Delay 2 (120)
Back Garage door - instant
Motion - Interior Stay/Away
Glass breakers - instant
Basement window bars - instant

We did not get to use 04 (interior) and 06 (Delay Stay/Away). What are those for?

Thank you so much for your time.

P.S. We are missing one glass breaker wire to the main panel and that was why the zone was always open. This zone never existed but we never realized until now.
Posted By: TexasTechnician Re: DSC 5010/832 - 11/25/08 06:40 PM
Sorry for the delay in responding. Things have been hectic trying to finish everything so I can cook the turkeys for Thanksgiving . (When I cook, I cook! I have to take nearly the whole day off so I can tend the smoker.)

Now back to business.
Zone type 04 will be active anytime the system is armed. (Stay or Away) But if an entry/exit zone is violated first this zone will wait for the entry delay timer to expire before generating an alarm. If no entry/exit zone was violated it will generate an alarm instantly when it is violated.

Zone type 06 will only be active when the system is armed in the Away mode. If this zone is violated it will wait for the entry delay timer to expire before generating an alarm even if there was no entry/exit zone violated first.
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