Posted By: RUSS K. 1A2 PHONES TO GIVE AWAY - 06/29/22 07:40 PM
I have some old 1A2 phones and equipment to give away if anyone is interested. Local pickup or I'll UPS them, you pay the shipping.

This is what I have:
2630DA Western Electric 18 button set
565 Western Electric 6 button set
1800 Stromberg-Carlson 6 button set
564 Western Electric 6 button set
VX-41 Comdial Voice express with a 6 button module
2880 ITT 10 button set
101G Western Electric ring power supply
Western Electric 4-line 1A2 KSU with 3 line cards and power supply
832 ITT 10 button speakerphone set with power supply

Anyone wanting any of this before it goes to the junk, send me an e-mail. ([email protected] or [email protected]) Hate to see it leave, but after 48 years, cleaning out my building
Posted By: RUSS K. Re: 1A2 PHONES TO GIVE AWAY - 08/20/22 09:36 PM
Well, as of Monday it will all be out the door, and none to the junk man. UPS did manage to destroy the W/E ring generator in travel to its new owner.

Thanks for all the emails about this stuff.
Posted By: Silversam Re: 1A2 PHONES TO GIVE AWAY - 08/22/22 01:59 PM
Well done!

Posted By: adamsih300u Re: 1A2 PHONES TO GIVE AWAY - 09/12/22 12:22 PM
As the recipient of the last two phones, I want to thank Russ for his generosity. I'm so thrilled to have some more phones to work with as I build out my home 1A2 system. I spent some time yesterday putting my VoIP PBX lines down to the KSU, and then running two more lengths of CAT-5 to my (new-to-me) 10-button desk phone. I use CAT-5 because it's more accessible, and since I'll probably never use a full 25 pair, it scales more easily too.

Next up...getting my Tone Commander Intercom connected.
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