Posted By: Ryan Hull Sprint SVP-4 - Accessing voicemail... - 12/06/08 01:25 PM
I've got the Sprint SVP-4 voicemail system, and I've got it torn apart here on my desk.

I'm in the process of getting a new P/S for this unit, so for the time being, it's being powered by a spare ATX power supply.

Here's the questions:::

I can connect via serial to the machine's db9 port connector on the back, and use tinyterm to see it boot. (using TVI950, 9600 Baud 8,N,1) However, I only get to see the bios and post info, (see below) but nothing after that. I.e. No status, no voicemail software, etc. The little speaker plays a bunch of notes, but nothing else shows up on the screen.

Am i doing something wrong here? Am I using the right port to view the screen? (There's another DB25 just to the right of the DB9, should I be using that one instead?)

Any help at this point would be really useful. Also, does anyone here have the tech book for setting up new users, removing old ones, etc.

I'm asking this because our local tele-data company is gone, and no one close can service this.

Posted By: 6string Re: Sprint SVP-4 - Accessing voicemail... - 12/06/08 02:46 PM
If you can see the boot up process, your using the right terminal settings. I believe if you press F1 it will prompt you for a password.
Posted By: VMSysMaker Re: Sprint SVP-4 - Accessing voicemail... - 12/07/08 10:45 AM
If you can see the beginning of the boot process, your settings should be correct.

After the 3 chimes, does the hard drive light continue to flash, or the Green DSPs on the back begin to flash? At the 3 tones is a popular spot for the unit to freeze. It will not continue to boot - just sit there and not respond to the keyboard. Try the Spacebar or enter after the 2 DPSs start to flash. If you have not mapped your Function keys, they may not do anything for you.

Buried in the warehouse (on top of the cases actually) are boxes of documentation. I don't believe there is anything beyond the guides your dealer should have supplied to you (user guide, admin guide & q-cards). If that was ages ago, when you call about the case, ask for pricing on the paperwork.
Posted By: Ryan Hull Re: Sprint SVP-4 - Accessing voicemail... - 12/07/08 01:15 PM
I'll try the F1, or spacebar and enter to try to get in there.

i have not mapped function keys either, and i don't know how. I'm using tinyterm, not procomm. Not sure if that makes a difference or not.

Also, if I do get access, what is the password? I finally managed to access the admin mailbox from a phone and the password was simply `0000' should I try that one?

Additionally, I have a ton of documentation, but all of it is about the users making chnages via the phone, nothing about programming the box from a terminal. any help with how to do that would be appreciated, as the system has a lot of problems right now.

I'll repost when I've tried your suggestions and let you know how I made out.

Posted By: Ryan Hull Re: Sprint SVP-4 - Accessing voicemail... - 12/09/08 01:36 PM
OK, from a laptop connected via serial, I can watch it boot, it plays the music, and the DSP's flash on the back. The voicemail system works from the phones.

However, no matter what button I press, (F1, Enter, Spacebar, etc.) I get nothing on the screen.

Additionally, I only get to see what's on the screen up to this point, (The machine keeps loading after this, but there are no more screen updates after what you see below.)

PhoenixPICO BIOS Version 4.05
Copyright 1985-1996 Phoenix Technologies Ltd., All Rights Reserved.
Scientel Inc.
Copyright 1997
0000640K System RAM Passed
0003072K Extended RAM Passed
Fixed Disk 0: Identified
Starting MS-DOS...

HIMEM is testing extended memory...done.

Microsoft RAMDrive version 3.07 virtual disk D:
Disk size: 1280k
Sector size: 512 bytes
Allocation unit: 1 sectors
Directory entries: 64
BACKPACK.SYS: Copyright 1994, Micro Solutions Inc., DeKalb IL.
BPPDDRV.SYS v1.02: Copyright 1996, Micro Solutions Inc., DeKalb IL.
BPASPI.SYS v1.01: Copyright 1996, Micro Solutions Inc., DeKalb IL.


That's it. Like I said, even thought it doesn't update my screen anymore, it continues to boot, and the voicemail system works fine from the phones. I just wondered if I should see something else when it's booting up.

Also, how will I know what password etc to use?

Thanks guys, you are all a lifesaver.

Posted By: Ryan Hull Re: Sprint SVP-4 - Accessing voicemail... - 12/17/08 12:40 PM
OK, I've gotten into the voicemail and can access everything.

Turns out... I was using an old UPS COMM cable, not a true RS232c cable. It allowed me to see the boot screens, but not the actual software.

Oh well, thanks for the help Walter. Together we were able to narrow it down to a bad cable through some trial and error.

Now, I just need to learn how to use this software!!! Any manuals? Help?


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