Posted By: ZDVP Incoming calls not rollling over to other lines - 09/24/12 09:52 PM
We have 4 lines, and recently they stopped rolling over to other lines when someone calls the main line.

Any idea what to look for in the Session Manager? I'm very familiar w/ the Voice Processor programming, but not the System. Thanks.

[Inter-Tel Axxess 8.200 w/ 8.203 Voice Processor]
Dogs roll over.... phone lines hunt (sorry .. it's an old telco joke)

That is a phone company issue - call your provider.
Thanks upstateny!
Just to be clear, it is not even possible to set up our system to handle the 4 lines?
Your system will handle the 4 lines, but like Upstateny stated, it's the provider that controls the hunt group.
When I said 'handle' I meant handling the hunting. smile

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