Posted By: SkeetsMI IP Phone Setup - 07/16/13 12:35 PM
A couple of years ago, we had a couple IP Phones setup on our system. We need to use them again and when I plugged them in, they wouldn't connect. Do I just need to point the phone to the IP address of the IPRC or do I point it to a different card?
Posted By: Kamokazi Re: IP Phone Setup - 07/24/13 02:35 PM
On our Axxess system, you need to point them to the IPRC card. You will also need to program one of the lines on the IPRC card with the MAC address of the IP Phone. You either do that from the software database programming, or via the web config on the card itself depending on firmware version.

Other Inter-Tel systems may be different...I'm not a tech, just a sysadmin who inherited an Axxess system.
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