Version 11.04

UCD group (non-ACD) with search type linear, member is an extension list with about 50 people in it. Nobody in Station Flag Hunt Group Remove.

Call go immediately to a members Voicemail box. If I remove the member (first on the list) then the calls go to the next persons voicemail box. If I put the first member back in it still goes to the 2nd member's voicemail box.

I have a "back door" DID that routes to the hunt group. No recall, no annoucements.

Happy Banana wants to know!
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So their old vendor did some funny business back in the day.

Normally, if someone calls for a particular department they'll press their option off the auto-attendant and go to hunt group 2004 which has one member (extension 102).

However, if she goes to lunch, she'll forward her phone (FEATURE 355) to hunt group 2102 which has one ghost member and will recall to a call routing annoucement that will dump her calls to her voicemail box.

Question: How is she sending her hunt group calls from group 2004 to follow her forwarding?

This came up because my night group (a ring all UCD group with a 100 members extension list and linear dist) is immediately sending all it's calls to her voicemail box because she's 355-forwarded her phone?

Me no understandy, please tell dancing banana
Hunt group members can forward their phones (not a good practice, obviously) to other extensions or applications within the system.

Sounds like x102, or HG2004, or the HG recall application are included in your linear distribution list.
Look in the HG members list. Is it a P list (Pxxxx)? If so double click it. Are there any voice mail applications in the P list?
UCD non-ACD group, Dist Type Linear, Members = Station Extension List only. Station extension list has about 100 members and no voicemail or applicaitons or hunt groups or anything else. No recall on Hunt Group.
Is the P list number PP051?
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