Posted By: BaKaatz Help with a blast from the ESPMDX - 11/13/08 07:21 AM
I do some volunteer / charity telecom work for a monastery that has a Premier ESPMDX 2.1 Extended. They had an old 286 PC that was used for programming. Yup, the PC died - finally. The programming disks they have are bad or at least the first disk is bad. I'd sure appreciate a PM if anyone can be of any help with this challenge. Can't find the software on Inter-tel's site. Thanks.
You can program the Premier with any terminal program such Hyperterminal or Procomm.
That I'll have to try. Always used terminal on the IMX stuff, but with the 256 we always used the software. The ESPMDX had a crude version of windows that ran on the old DOS PC. And when I discovered it dead yesterday, I've been scrambling.
Will give it a shot. Thanks.
Posted By: RCA Re: Help with a blast from the ESPMDX - 11/13/08 08:05 AM
Just to clarify. You have a 256, brown cabinet with the smoked glass on the front, as in the 256/416/832 series.
BaKaatz, the 256 is version specific, so you'll need to know what version of the software the system is running to be able to order a disk. If you end up having to order a copy let me know. If Sundance doesn't have it I can give you some other options, but Tom may be able to hook you up.
The system is a Premier ESPMDX with 2.1 Extended software.
Cab is a lage beige box with casters with a smoked glass hinged door. Looks for all purposes like the 256 and the cards (at least the SL and Keyset that we have swapped in the past) are exchangeable with the 256 cards.
Thanks for the assistance.
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