Posted By: Arthur P. Bloom Sparky again - 09/27/09 09:25 AM
This time, I suppose we should give partial credit, as he *DID* ask ahead of time...

Customer calls. She has a phone system and a small data network, all installed by me, in her basement office at home. She has contracted with a local sparky to install a standby generator. It's the kind that is used in medium-sized homes and comes with a circuit breaker box that allows up to 8 or 10 circuits to be powered.

Sparky wants the customer to check with me before he hooks up the receptical that powers the phones and computers, "to make sure that the type of electricity that the generator puts out is compatible with the phone and data equipment."

I was going to say one of the following, but didn't. I must be getting mellow (or worn down) in my old age.

1. Yes, we use a universal electron compensator, so any type of electricity will work.

2. Why are you asking me, you're the MASTER electrician, and I'm just the RESTRICTED one.

3. No, I will have to change all of my equipment over to "generator-compatible" circuit boards.
Posted By: CMDL_GUY Re: Sparky again - 09/27/09 09:53 AM
I'm sure there was something lost in the translation when presented to you by the home owner. I would not criticize sparky until I talked to him directly. Maybe he was concerned about your equipment being frequency sensitive or switch-over causing problems.
Posted By: nfcphoneman Re: Sparky again - 09/27/09 10:33 AM
That was actually a very good question to ask. Not all generators put out a nice clean sine wave that sensitive electronics like.

It happens down here when a hurricane passes through and someone cranks up a generator and connects the phone equipment. Sometimes the phone system doesn't make it.
Posted By: Arthur P. Bloom Re: Sparky again - 09/27/09 11:28 AM
You're both right. At least he asked. That's why I gave him partial credit, and didn't get as sarcastic and insufferable as I usually do. I must be getting tolerant with age.

I've actually been taking sensitivity training from Hal. I think it's working.
Posted By: hbiss Re: Sparky again - 09/27/09 12:25 PM
Good to hear that it's working for you. :thumb:

Posted By: jeffmoss26 Re: Sparky again - 09/27/09 04:07 PM
Hal, where do I sign up?!
Posted By: CMDL_GUY Re: Sparky again - 09/27/09 06:01 PM
Not all generators put out a nice clean sine wave that sensitive electronics like.

Exactly, many Comdial systems would not operate properly when powered by a UPS that put out a square wave.
Posted By: surdel Re: Sparky again - 04/25/10 12:25 AM
I have heard/seen conditioners that can be installed in cases like this. Would a conditoner work?
Posted By: Anonymous Re: Sparky again - 05/07/10 10:25 AM
You could use an Isolation transformer like an ONEac conditioner however when the power goes off and the generator comes on it may spike or the voltage may bounce around for the first minute or two. I would suggest a good UPS and NOT hooking the telephone or network AC to the generator.
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