Posted By: Meyery2k COVID and Nationals - 07/02/22 06:29 PM
Like many other areas in business, COVID has been a game changer.

We have been outright refusing jobs from one contractor simply because we can never get an accurate Scope of Work. When we take the job, we discover the SOW is much greater than was given and the contractor doesn't want to pay. We are then expected, again with no compensation, to PM the job. We explained why we don't take jobs, then crickets. Fine by me...

Another contractor sent a bad SOW. Again, I pointed out that I will not PM the SOW. That is between them and their customer. I am simply the hands that go out to do the work.

We have a so called "special" relationship with another contractor. We then found out they have been farming out to Field Nation. I realize there are many reputable contractors on that site but I have also seen, and had to clean up after, many "low bidders".

One discussion I had was a lecture about how we need to work together to help our so called mutual customers. I stopped that in the tracks by pointing out, they are not my customer because if I approached them to work as an individual, you would take some sort of action against me according to our agreement.

A necessary evil but you can control the interactions. You have a business plan for a reason. If they don't want to work with you, let them find someone else. Just because they service the big boxes doesn't equate to more business for you. I would rather have a few high quality jobs under my belt than many "dog" jobs. The nationals and their clients are simply, in many cases, looking for the low bidder.

Just my $.02 (well $.005 with inflation)...
Posted By: RATHER BE FISHING Re: COVID and Nationals - 07/02/22 07:12 PM
Yep. I'd rather not work and not get paid than work for someone else and not get paid. Other than personal contacts from this and a few other boards I shy away from nationals. Too much heartburn for too little return. YMMV.
Posted By: oobie Re: COVID and Nationals - 07/19/22 06:26 PM
We haven't done anything for nationals for years. Painful!!
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