Posted By: BobRobert XBlue X16 - AA question - 06/11/19 11:35 PM
With AA set to either all ext on, all ext off or AA only ... it works fine at any delay time 20 seconds or less. At any time delay of 25 seconds or greater, I get the prompt "the person you called does not have voice mail" Ideas??
Posted By: Not_sirius Re: XBlue X16 - AA question - 08/22/19 07:21 AM
I just moved one of these. I'd never seen one before but with the manual I'm doing ok. I'm here grazing for solutions to potential problems before I "FIND" them.

But back to you....

Just venturing a guess but I've had conflicts with the VM answer timer being longer than the call transfer return timer sending the call back without the station ID info on OTHER systems. VM doesn't know where the call came from.

Good luck.

I'll come back after one of the better techs here gives a better assessment.

Experience IS knowledge
All the rest is just information.
Posted By: MnDave Re: XBlue X16 - AA question - 10/03/19 01:57 AM
Sorry to be late on this, but a general overview of the X16 is that the AA is always on and every phone does have a mailbox.
Posted By: BobRobert Re: XBlue X16 - AA question - 10/03/19 02:40 AM
Wow! A blast from the past!
I hope life is treating you well MNDave!
As far as the original inquiry, the customer has just dealt with the timer issues.
Posted By: MnDave Re: XBlue X16 - AA question - 10/08/19 01:27 AM
The X16 was a nice little system. If only I hadn't set all my installs to always have the backlit display on. I just didn't realize how dim those fluorescent lamps would get as they aged.
And thanks for remembering me!
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