Posted By: SwedaGuy 007MLM Legend VM - 11/15/08 12:00 PM
OK...a little question about VM

Our Chamber of Commerce office is using a Legend system. It's way overkill for them (it's a 2-person office), but I donated the unit, so they couldn't beat the price. They get a lot of calls that should be directed to the mayors office, the library, the public works department, you name it. They like to hit transfer, dial "9" + the number and hang up. That means they are tying up two lines on a call that isn't even for them. In fact, this two-person office has kept 5 lines because this happens so often.

If they plug in a POTS phone to their line, they can use a centrex style hookswitch flash along with a *xx code to transfer the call, and it doesn't tie up one much less two lines.

So the question is: If I pop in a 007MLM card, can it be programmed to transfer calls via the hookswitch method, so they could drop a couple of lines, or do they need to keep five lines?

Remember guys, I'm pretty much a Legend newbie--be nice! help
Posted By: vad60 Re: 007MLM Legend VM - 11/15/08 12:29 PM
007 doesn't have a Centrex Transfer capability according to my knowledge. You need to install Merlin Messaging Rel.2.2 and higher.
Posted By: Touch Tone Tommy Re: 007MLM Legend VM - 11/15/08 03:37 PM
Merlin Messaging won't get it either. There is no option for Centrex Transfer from a selector code in the Auto Attendant, like there is in Partner Messaging. I've been caught there before.

The reason is that Single Line extensions (which is what the voice mail ports are) cannot do a flash to the outside line.

However, if your Legend is R6 or higher, there is "Centrex Transfer via Remote Call Forwarding" - You forward an extension to an outside number, but instead of 9 for an outside line, you program it with * and pause, then the outside number.

You would create "phantom" extensions using adjunct ports, give them AND the voice mail ports permission for RCF and Trunk to Trunk transfer, give the adjuncts authorization codes so that you can forward them, and finally you can direct your selector codes to the new, forwarded, extensions.
Posted By: SwedaGuy Re: 007MLM Legend VM - 11/17/08 10:01 AM
Oh...that's nice! I didn't think of forwarding an extension...

I'm not sure of the release, but I'll find out...

Thanks for the advice!
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