Posted By: Norcalphoneguy outbound caller ID - 11/02/09 02:58 PM
lets just start with i'm new to IPO but know many other systems. i need to make a change that i thought would be easy but can't seen to find. i want to change the out bound CID per station to send their DID instead of the main number. we are running a PRI.
thank you for the help
Posted By: mdaniel Re: outbound caller ID - 11/02/09 06:17 PM
First thing you may want to check is to make sure that the service provider in the area in question will allow you to do this.
A lot of them will not.
Posted By: mongo5150 Re: outbound caller ID - 11/02/09 07:52 PM
What release? Newer releases will have the programming in the ARS table. Older will have it in the Short codes section.
Posted By: mforrence Re: outbound caller ID - 11/03/09 03:20 AM
Bottom line is that, in your dial shortcode telephone number you can add s (or si) plus the number you want to send. For example, the telephone number may look like Nsi301447E which would send 301-447 plus user's extension number (assuming extension matches DID).
Good luck. Mike
Posted By: Winetech Re: outbound caller ID - 11/13/09 11:38 AM
thanks guys that worked,
one more quick question. now when i dial 8 i dont get return dial tone but can dial out as normal. if i take out the shortcode i dial 8 and get return dial tone
oh the norcal profile is mine too that is toast
Posted By: mforrence Re: outbound caller ID - 11/13/09 01:47 PM
Dial tone is a part of ARS form (assuming you're on R4 or higher)
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