Posted By: Gary S. ACS - 03/29/13 12:40 AM
Customer called today wants to upgrade to digital/ Ip but said she saw on the Inet the partner phones can be reused. Is she on a weed or is there a system that will still except the partner phones.

Gary s.
Posted By: mdaniel Re: ACS - 03/29/13 01:15 AM
Avaya IP Office can use Partner phones in "Partner mode" (18) Max.
But IPO in Partner mode will not support IP phones.
Posted By: Gary S. Re: ACS - 03/29/13 06:38 PM
Have a great Easter.

Posted By: hitechcomm Re: ACS - 03/29/13 11:00 PM
They will support digital sets such as 1408, and partner sets at the same time. But no ip
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