Posted By: dagwoodsystems Call Recording - 08/09/22 12:27 PM
I have a customer that handles certain types of insurance issues (Medicare/Medicaid). He is part of a huge network of TPMOs (third-part marketing organizations) that are now required to record all marketing calls with both clients and prospects where Medicare Advantage and Medicare Part D plans are discussed.

This is a good thing for customers, but possibly a challenge for those with an IP Office. I have been using this adapter at a small law firm with success--largely because only certain individuals need to record calls. The capture is stored as a WAV file, which isn't a storage problem since they only need the audio for the course of the case or to put on portable media.

But the medical stuff is a bit hairier because of HIPAA rules and a now mandatory TEN YEAR retention time. So somewhere there needs to be off-site storage and protection...probably with encryption.

I used to run NICE at a local hospital with multiple branches. It integrated beautifully with Communications Manager for the 77,000 users and 288 sites they had, but would certainly be overkill for a 9-line IP Office.

Does anyone have a suggestion or solution for SOHO?
Posted By: Toner Re: Call Recording - 08/09/22 03:48 PM
For IP Office I would recommend Chronicall. I'm not sure if they have something that will automatically offload recording to an FTP server or something, but a cron job in Linux could be created to accomplish the purpose.
Posted By: mongo5150 Re: Call Recording - 08/09/22 04:03 PM
I tihnk the new Cloud Xima solution can offload. But not sure if they would sign a BAA for HIPPA compliance.
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